Product warranties

For your ai.

CoverYourAI exists to help AI vendors inspire customer confidence with AI product warranties embedded at the checkout and post-sales, available as AppleCare-like subscriptions to drive recurring revenue.

With CoverYourAI, you can design and offer customized protection plans to save your customers time, money, and stress- in the unlikely event that your AI product under-performs for their use-case.

CoverYourAI makes building informed buyer belief in your AI fast, easy and credible so that your customers can accelerate their procurement of your AI with comfort & confidence.

Customers want to feel safe and secure in

relying on your AI.

There’s no easy way to build & ship an AI product that works perfectly for each and every use-case. When your customers buy your AI, they bring with them all of the idiosyncrasies of their peculiar context which in most cases will degrade model performance.

By enabling your customers to purchase tailored product warranties specific to your AI product- we can turn a negative experience of AI error or under-performance into a positive one that drives brand trust and loyalty.

With the option of protection at the checkout, you can entice buyers to not only spend more but to buy faster and increase their chances of recommending your product to someone they know.

Our product warranties cover AI products across a wide range of verticals and are agnostic of your technical stack.

More Recurring revenue, higher lifetime value.

Through CoverYourAI, you can offer your customers warranties as an auto-renewing subscription that they can manage or update at any time.

That means uninterrupted protection that gives your customers continuous peace of mind, and -recurring revenue that feeds back into your business.

We also drive increased customer lifetime value for our partners by integrating protection into the post-sales cycle. Offers for our cover can be embedded in your app for purchasing at any time.

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flexible and scalable - warranties at the speed of ai.

If you’re anything like us, you’re shipping updates to models with continuously evolving risk profiles and performance metrics. Our RESTful API is highly flexible and - integrates seamlessly with your AI training and inference pipeline - giving your customers better prices when you lower their risk.

Want to add multiple AI products or models to your service? CoverYourAI is designed to grow with your business, enabling the distribution of more AI products as opportunities evolve.

Hear customer voices with clarity

AI is a unique technology and your customer’s have different needs that aren’t easy to anticipate. Using our vendor suite, you can get in-depth access to what they need from your AI in order to trust it for meaningful work.

With CoverYourAI, you get access to a unique source of data to understand and predict how changes to your models will affect your customers so that you can make better training decisions that deliver better AI product.

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How to

Design protection

for your AI.

Not all AI products are the same and no-one wants to go through long and burdensome auditing processes that slow down development.

CoverYourAI is designed to help you -build the product protection plan that you envision- for your customers because you know your AI and the people you impact better than we ever could.

We’re AI engineers too and we’re here to accelerate you, not get in your way. You’ve probably already done all of the work that you need to do in order to submit a protection plan for your AI.

After your model pipeline has been instrumented and we‘ve audited the prototype or first release, we can integrate with your CI/CD so that minor versions get automatically updated cover.

How does your insurance for AI work?

Ready to inspire customer confidence?

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