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Got AI risk?

We‘ll plug the gaps.

With CoverYourAI, you can purchase product protection plans that save you time, money and stress in the unlikely event that an AI product you’ve purchased under-performs, fails or misbehaves for your use-case.

If you’re on a mission to transform your enterprise with AI or speed up the efficiency of AI risk practices in your organization then you can use our cover to build stakeholder belief in the reliability of an AI product:

  • Worry less about AI risk knowing your risk is transferred
  • Build confidence that you’ve done your due-diligence on an AI product
  • Identify, quantify and take control of your AI risk exposure

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Introducing AI Product Protection

Make imperfect AI highly-reliable for your use-case.

Build your unique protection plan

See the gaps in an AI for your use-case

Access AI assurance professionals

Auto payouts if an AI under-performs

It only takes 15 minutes.

Through CoverYourAI, you can design a product protection plan unique to your resources, use-case and requirements as an auto-renewing subscription that you can manage or update at any time.

That means uninterrupted protection that gives your stakeholders continuous peace of mind to confidently leverage an AI product- knowing that any of the unexpected costs are automatically covered.

We’re co-investors in your AI risk, so when you buy our cover you’ll get access to a suite of services and tools that help you de-risk your AI products.

Pioneer AI in your organization.

Enterprise use-cases always bring complexities that can get in the way of an AI product working effectively your organization.

CoverYourAI can help you protect your stakeholders and build informed belief in an AI product to accelerate your AI journey.

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Responsibly handle your AI risk.

CoverYourAI has your back if something goes wrong, supplying you with immediate liquid capital to fund a targeted response to AI risk events or to compensate customers who’ve been harmed.

Let us be your AI safety partner that just works.

And innovate boldly.

Take on bigger risks with AI by covering your team against the unexpected costs of AI when trying out new use-cases.

We can help you innovate at the leading by protecting you whilst your pushing on the limits of an AI.

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Buy leading-edge AI with comfort & confidence.

Learn more about an AI with our model explorer.

Learn more about the risk posture of your AI so that you can leverage your knowledge to bring more stakeholders on board, faster.

Includes information on responsible AI audits, security mechanisms and more keeping you safe.

Analyse and gather evidence on your AI risk needs.

Help business stakeholders answer their AI risk questions and use our risk discovery tool to better understand what they need to trust your AI.

Includes tools to gather information about what risk measurements others care about and their status.

Track and share your AI risk exposure across the business.

Turn AI risk from an unknown-unknown to a known by tracking how your risk indices are performing across the enterprise as they unfold.

Includes information on how risks are and will unfold across products from different vendors.

Ready to leverage AI with comfort & Confidence?

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